Paloalto (feat. Jessi & Ja Mezz) – Price Tag

Paloalto is underrated (at least in the Kpop circles we run in) because the man consistently comes out with bops and jams that stick to your ribs and this one is no different. Coming at us with a mellow vibe and a sexy guitar melody that sounds so rich despite the fact that it is the only non-rhythm instrument on the track, he gives us a track about stepping into the mall and buying what you want because you can and it feels good and you can, but there is this you also get the feeling there is more to it (we haven’t been able to get full translations yet).  But, even if there isn’t, the feel of this track is just right and strikes in just the right places. On top of the solid bars by Paloalto and Ja Mezz, Jessi puts it down in the vocal department and shows how soulful she can be while still giving us some good bars towards the end.  The combination of the three on this track is a solid interplay and we would love to hear more from them together in the future.