Woodz – Different (prod. by Cha Cha Malone)

Woodz, a.k.a Luizy, b.k.a Cho Seungyoun of Uniq is out here and keeps changing his name in an apparent effort to keep us from finding him whenever we look him up.  He’s going to have to try harder than this because we figured it out and we want more good music (yes, we know Pool is out there). The thing that we are really loving about Seungyoun as an artist is that he really is multifaceted.  He gave us the hip-pop with EOEO, switched to something a little harder with Recipe, and has now smoothed it out with R&B for this new persona.  He manages to throw in some bars for good measure, but this really does showcase is voice while still maintaining that laidback delivery style that really works for him. The production of this is not what we expected.  While we know Cha Cha Malone can give us all kinds of beats (and we have his solo EP that is waaay different than anything else we’ve heard from him), the coolness of this beatwork surprised us.  It has an interesting progression and never fully digs down into where you think it’s going to in terms of the drop.  We can’t call it repetitious, but it does have a singular refrain that keeps all the elements grounded and working together. Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.