Giriboy (feat. Kid Milli, NO:EL & Swings) – Flex

The main reason this song drew our attention is because it features NO:EL and Kid Milli, but we stuck around for Giriboy and Swings because they all bring the sauce for this track. What really makes this song sink in and stick with you (besides the chorus) is the odd dichotomy of the beat and the flows.  At first listen, it all sounds very happy and light; which makes since given the subject matter (looking cool and getting money) and the almost kid-like production.  But once Kid Milli and NO:EL come in, the flows get harder and a lot more technical and it really does showcase skill in a way that you might not expect when you come into this. It’s a fun track that just rides well.  While probably a better fit for summer in a lot of respects, this one can brings you a lot or energy on a cloudy day. Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.