Yunhway – Long Long Time!

Another underground, female artist that needs more attention than she is currently getting, Yunhway is dropping the summer bops.  Her latest track is a nice combination of the island sound with African backbeats (we know that these rhythms exist in the islands, but the prominence is a little more the continent’s thing) without overdoing either. She also has a vocal style that tips more into the lower end of the alto range, which makes her a nice companion to the bright and sultry production.  The harmonies and overlays here are just right in giving the song some meat without overwhelming the coolness of the overall mood.  What’s really interesting is that she manages to be relatively lowkey in places but still comes across with a good amount of energy, which gives the track a lot of bounce. This track is more on the R&B side of her spectrum, but she still manages to slide a few bars in for good measure.  We haven’t decided if we like the rape side or the singer more, but do know that she is making it hard to choose.