When we tend to think about Cardiac Da Pulse, we tend to think about two types of tracks; turn-up and ruminative.  He has gives us tracks that have that spark of braggadocio or the ones that speak on aspects of everyday life and the human condition.  The closest we ever remember him getting to a sex track was Circle from his second project, Vibes…at least until now.

As things go, this is better-than-average, bump ‘n’ grind track that could fade from memory after a few months.  What keeps that from happening is that fact that Cardiac seems to understand his strengths as a rapper and leans into them while still exploring some new ground for himself.

The thing that really impressed us about this track is that his flow is a lot stronger than it probably had to be considering the subject matter.  Usually, for songs like this, the rapper is either going hard as a way to show out about the amount of sex he’s getting or going soft to entice the female members of his audience.  Cardiac seems to have found a strong middle ground to play with in that respect; the song doesn’t come off as completely lovey-dovey but it doesn’t come off as virulently disrespectful either.  He keeps his tone measured and takes some of that growl out of his delivery, making from something interesting and different than normal but not completely out of character either.  Plus the variation of his flow keeps the song from being too one-note to stand out or boring after a few listens.

The addition of Tr3y as a singer also adds a mellowness to the track and keeps Cardiac from trying to do all that soulful singing himself (he’s not bad at the lower register but we don’t think he could handle the adlibs and runs at the upper octaves).

The wording of the lyrics makes what he says sound very much the way men talk to one another, but in a way that kind of lets you know that they realize what they say can get back to the person their talking about.  It’s hood talk that can be crass, but not hurtful and we are completely fine with that.

This is a pretty good track, especially as we transition into cuffing season.  It’s not the strongest track he’s ever done but this is a good edition and expansion of Cardiac Da Pulse’s discography.