Dilli Jinn – Strong Wave

We had never heard of Dilli Jinn before, so we really didn’t know what to expect from this.  What we got was a wavy, jazzy, R&B track from a singer with a voice that has good strength and that confidence that you love from someone who can come strong on a beat like this.  She had that tone that hovers just between alto and soprano, giving her voice a quality that is both sultry and yet light.  And she doesn’t just sing; Dilli does her best Yoon Mi Rae and drops some bars for the final bridge of the track and it works well and makes the track that much more addictive. This song is perfect for that transition period between summer and fall as it has that underlying bass that give the song bounce without taking away from the chill of the mood.  It something that is perfect for those moments at sundown when you’re with your crew and you’re all feeling good. We really wish there was more that we could say about this singer, but we have had a hard time finding out more about her.  We’ll be looking for more though, as she has us fully interested in what she comes with next.