KozyPop – Daisy

We slip back into the mellow as we slip into a K-hole with KozyPop. This is one of those tracks that has that kind of lazy flow to it that sets the entire mood.  It can be hard to pull this kind of vocal performance off because, if it’s done wrong, the singer can get overwhelmed by the beat or it can come off as lazy.  Part of what saves this is that about halfway through the second verse, he brings a long more strength to his tone and lays down a solid set of bars full of energy before transitioning between the two styles. The underlying production has a sexiness to it that is hard to deny but you also get the feeling doesn’t exactly go with the content of the song.  There seems to be something romantic going on here, but we get the feeling that there is a deeper meaning that we are missing due to lack of translation. It may be short, but it works for its length and doesn’t leave you disappointed or wishing for more.  We are looking to get more into this artist soon.