Villian – Hancock

Planetarium Records, or PLT, appears to be a group at first glance, but they are actually labelmates that get together and makes songs once and a while.  Their track Hocus Pocus is an underrated jam and Igoholic is about to follow suit.  One of the reasons that song goes so much is because of the singer/rapper who gets a lot of the focal point towards the end of those tracks, Villian.  And now he has a new(ish) EP. While we love Manitto, Hancock gets the love from us because of the combination of a throwback sample and the skittering underbeat.  The sound is just a little out of the ordinary and we are all about that.  Of course, Villain has more than a hint of Jay Park in his vocal tones thanks to that confident tenor, but this track manages to somehow to solidify that feeling while also separating him from it thanks to his wider vocal range and fuller adlibs. PLT and Villian have to have next if there is any justice on this earth.  They have too much talent for them not to get more recognition.