Simon Dominic – 06076

Simon D’s first album after stepping down from his administrative role at AOMG Records isn’t what we expected.  If you get the Roommates Only version of the album, most of the tracks have a very 4:44 vibe to them thanks to the production.  There are two excecptions, though; Ullah and this track. The great thing about this is, even with its trap vibe, it still fits in with the rest of the album thanks to the more jazz-based rhythms and melodies.  The beat is so slow and dark with Simon D going full mumble rap on us that this really shouldn’t be as bouncy as it comes across.  The saving grace for the track is the combination of snare and bass which give it thump and danceability.  Plus, Simon D doesn’t go full monotone in his bars making the track have more dimension than the repetitions of the beat may suggest. If you’re a fan of the rapper, we suggest you check out the album.  If not, we still think you will get some enjoyment out of this.