Nucksal (feat. KillaGramz, Xion & Scary’P) – Headline

We’ll be honest; when this song first started up, we almost skipped to the next.  Our aversion to EDM at times means that we’re not always in the mood to experiment with new sounds.  But we are so glad we kept going because this track is gold. Of course, the production is a little more than we expected as it has a lot of elements of soul in it along with the EDM melody that permeates throughout, but what really sells this track are the rappers that just cut loose on it.  At times it feels like they are battling the beat; at times they are surfing on it like its second nature.  None of it feels forced and yet there is a weird disconnection between the beat and the flows that makes it work in a way that the two meshing perfectly would not have. This is not going to suit everybody, but those who are into the merging of EDM and rap will love it.