It’s finally happening; Ro James is giving us a full, official release in less than two weeks!

While Permission might not be the strongest track that James has put out in the last year or so, it by no means is a bad song.  He asks the woman in question to just let themselves run wild; all she has to do is say yes.

This is a babymaker through and through with the singer effectively straddling the line between strength and suggestion in the sexual arena.  The lyrics are straightforward and don’t leave any room for misinterpretation, but it works well for the track.  The production sample with its acoustic guitar riff brings an earthiness to the sound that helps with the emotional resonance while simultaneously brightening the track so that you want to listen to it in more than just romantic or evening moods.

What is the real highlight are the vocals, which have James transitioning between his falsetto and baritone voice for something that would have made the late Prince proud.

BTW, check out the Amazon listing for the album.  This is keeping things close to the vest!

Click the shopping cart in the player to purchase this track.  His album, El Dorado, comes out May 13.