Sumin – Sugar Fountain

We are really trying to figure out why Sumin is getting ignored by the wider populace because she is that chick to watch.  Maybe we can do something about that. The thing about Sumin is that, in a lot of ways, she falls in line with a lot of the current Kpop female soloist we love over here; their own aesthetic with rich vocals and their own style that doesn’t borrow seem to feel the need to incorporate “aegayo” into things to prove a threshold of femininity.  She also comes with the songwriting bonafides as well, making her music connect with her a lot better. This track has an odd mid-90’s feel to it in places thanks to elements of the beat, but there are a lot modern elements and the multiple switch-ups so a lot for giving the song lots of layers but still flowing together well.  Sumin’s vocals are sweet on this and a lot more minimal than some of her other tracks, but she still manages to create a vibe with this and we are loving it. If you have time, you should take a listen to her album, Your Home.  In a lot of ways, she reminds of Amil Larrieaux in place thanks to her minimal style of singing, but she knows how to bring the power when she needs to and doesn’t hold herself strictly to a single musical style.