John Park – Understand

This is one of those songs that takes a lot of unexpected turns in its runtime but doesn’t manage to sound like chaos in the process.  What starts out with a bit of a poppy, feel good sound with a lot of early 2000’s elements transitions at times to something more R&B and then something a little more funky thanks to the guitar that slyly works its way in on the choruses.  The turns are never abrupt, but the add nice dimension to a song that could have gotten old fast without them. Of course, it can only get old if you completely remove the voice of John Park.  His vocals are like butter; hovering in the lower tenor range and drenched in soul, he manages to bring a lot of style and heart to a song that doesn’t initially seem to be going in that direction.  He knows how to use adlibs strategically and doesn’t overdo them, but he always has just the right amount of improv for us to keep things interesting and repeatable. Also…that falsetto at 2:18…perfection.