TSUN (feat. Horim) – DM Me

You may not have heard of TSUN, but her voice is one you will never forget once you do.  What sets her apart from a lot of the upcoming crop of female, Korean R&B singers is her tone.  She is much more situated in the lower alto range instead of the soprano, which is more typical for solo singers in Korea. DM Me has a romantic sound that takes her a little out of more usual hop&B sound.  Her inflection is a little lighter and her tone is a little less gruff.  It works for the track, but we think her chops are better demonstrated on her track Um. What really takes this track to the next level is the vocals of Horim.  From the moment he comes in, he just takes things over and you will be searching for his tracks before the first line is over.  His vibe is so neo-soul and is a great contrast to the mellowness of the production.  He is also holding back some, but his adlibs make up for that easily. The only thing we can say about the track is that it does end abruptly; there really should be a third verse or bridge after the second chorus.  Still, it’s a good listen that serves as a solid introduction to these two singer.