CARLA – hate u

The moment this track starts up, you know that somebody is going to either fall in love or get told about themselves.  It’s that kind of song. The production works well for the singer because it adds a lot of the bottom that is needed to balance out her higher vocal tone.  There is a lot of thrumming bass throughout this track that gives the song a sexy feel despite the lyrics (which are easily understandable without translation), and the faster than normal melody does give the song a lot of added energy and keeps the up when you expect this to be a bit of slow jam.  In a lot of ways it plays with the theme of the song well. CARLA has that kind of voice that can be hard to place.  She has a lot of soulful elements to her, but there is a quality missing that brings her more squarely into the pop range of R&B.  If you pressed us about it we would say that the motions are right but some of the emotion is missing.  Still, she makes this song work and there is enough here to make this enjoyable and easily repeatable.