We love Saay and we really want her to succeed…which why we’re confused as to why her label has blocked her latest video in most countries…especially when her album dropped Friday (May 19).  Luckily, we managed to find a copy of it and we are bringing it to you because we love these tracks and she can never have too much promotion.  (Update: Her YouTube page finally made the video available around the world, so we have replaced our version with that one.)

If you are familiar with Saay’s work since EvoL then you know that she tends to go for soulful vocals over modern-esque beats that highlight her alto vocals and give her sultry tones.  This track falls right in line with what we’ve heard before and it does not disappoint.  Saay approaches each track with good energy and delivery, making for a solid performance and something that is very easy to listen to.  Overzone and Encore have different flavors when it comes to content (Overzone is the warm-up to the main event and Encore is the aftermath) and she manages to change her tone up just enough to make them work in their perspective themes.

The production for the three tracks featured here (between Overzone and Encore is the Before The Show (Interlude)–which needed to be developed into a full track) is varied and gives listeners a taste of what to expect from her debut album as a whole.  A little bombastic sexy, a little throwback coolness, and a chill bop or six.  This should make for a chaotic listening experience for this video, but everything flows together well.  Everything presented to us is mid-tempo, which could make some of the songs blend together if they approached them wrong, but every song featured hear has its own flavor and keeps you engaged.

As for her album, Claassic, we would highly recommend it if you are into that mixture of modern and classic R&B that is as much about its vibe as it is its content.  The biggest problem for some listeners is going to be that this album, like a lot of her other content, is bilingual.  Some songs, like Love Drop, are more like your typical Kpop song with English inserts; but others, like Circle or Sweaty, are either entirely English or split right down the middle.  If you have issues with that kind of code-switching, this might not be for you…although we think you’ll enjoy the vibe just fine.  We also recommend the album because it contains a full version of Overzone, a “remix” of Vodka & Lemon Shot, as well as the singles Circle, Sweaty, and Cold View; all of which are worth the price of admission.