Come through, SAAY!

SAAY, while making it increasingly hard for her fans to throw their coins at her, is not letting up with the music releases.  A couple of months ago she released the amazing Circle and, now, she offers her second EP in less than six months.

Her voice is so soulful that it’s hard not to fall in love with her vocals from the moment she opens her mouth.  While we need her to enunciate a little more at times, she does a good job of putting emphasis on her tracks and really giving it to you with those runs and adlibs.  Her tone is steady and, despite not having the most dynamic range, she makes the most of what she’s got and uses it to full effectiveness.

The songwriting is pretty nice here as well.  Because (we think) she is a South Korean native, her turn of phrasing is interesting at times (in a good way).  She comes at some of the lyrics from a different perspective so that we don’t always get that cliché line that we’ve heard a thousand times.  But she follows it up with some good lines that are common but fit will with subject matter, making for something accessible without being boring.

One of the things that we have trouble with is the production.  While it absolutely thumps and gives each song its own unique flavor, it does overwhelm her on occasion (depending on your audio setup).  The reason we can’t decide whether this purely a beatwork issue is because the mixing on the songs isn’t perfect and this really could be an matter of the sound engineer not doing due diligence.  Because of that, though, it does make it hard to listen and focus in on what she’s saying and that can never be a good thing for an artist that puts in effort on their lyrics.

Still, this is a good listen, especially as the weather starts to turn.  We hope that we get more from SAAY soon as three tracks from her are never enough.