Y’all are gonna stop sleeping on this girl.

Back in October we got to listen to three new tracks from SAAY and fell in love…even though we wanted more.  Now she has given us a snack and we can only hope that what’s coming up next is the main course (an album).

Sweaty is the kind of song that SAAY’s voice was made for.  It’s sultry and powerful with just the right amount of bounce to keep an audience engaged and yearning for more.  The production has a good balance of dark motes and melodic swirls, bringing just enough brightness to the track without killing the overall vibe.

Her vocals are just as good and come off a lot more clear than the odd production/vocal mashup that occasionally appeared on Horizon.  She manages to dominate a pretty busy beat without having to blast out and annoy the ear with too much sound.  She coasts just above the waves at some moments and soars above them at others, taking you along on a tide of seduction without a few moments to catch your breath.

The combination of her and Crush is good one and the strength of the two of them as singers makes their duet come off as a lot more balanced than the one he did with Suran.  It’s not perfect–they actually don’t do a lot of vocal interaction on the track itself–but it does give us a taste of what could be if these two were to really let loose in the studio.

Like we said before, these little bits and pieces of what SAAY has to offer is killing us and only making us more excited for her official debut.  The fact that this track is not only purchasable but also got a video says that we are one step closer to that happening.  We get the feeling she is on the path to something good.

We’ll bring you a translation as soon as it’s available.