Former EvoL member SAAY put out a great EP just a few month ago and she is already following it up with an great duet with singer/rapper/songwriter Tish Hyman that just shows off her amazing voice and why she has been touring with DΞΔN.

The power of this track just hits you right out nowhere.  The production is smooth and sexy, but it contains a lot of full blasts that are just on the lower edge of the bass spectrum, drum machine flourishes, and pronounced synth lines that don’t destroy the mood by give the feeling of emphasis all the way through the runtime.  There are thematic pauses and pure melody bridges that give you just enough time to cool down before you are pulled back in again by the roiling emotion of the beat.  It feels sexual but loving, in that way of missing the person you’ve been with for years and finally seeing them again after a long trip.

SAAY’s vocal quality is very similar to Mixtape Tinashe in that she is definitely in the upper alto register and stays there most of the time, but she gives good adlibs and emotion to help keep the listener engaged.  She knows when to dial it back for the soothing section and when to blast out with a good run or a high note.  Tish Hyman has a nice, lower alto tone that balances the track out in a way that works for a duet for two women.  She is far more brash in her delivery, but it works against the more sweet tone of SAAY.  Plus she is able to bring a lot of that soul to the track and take it out of a really good pop offering to sexy R&B babymaker.

What takes this over the top is that, while we don’t know for sure that SAAY is a lesbian, Tish Hyman definitely is and the fact song doesn’t shy away from being framed from that perspective is something for a Korean artist who is still somewhat active in the country.  It his highly possible that the two songstresses are not singing to one another, but the song does not say that explicitly and no one is running from that in the lyrics.  It’s just nice to hear to female artists do this when it usually gets left to the male/female pairings to let one of the participant’s sexual orientation not matter.