Jennifer Lopez seemed to be pretty happy stepping away from the Billboard Top 100 pursuit; she’s made a Spanish-language album, been in a few movies, and performed her hits to happy crowds.  Considering how we felt about her last album, we thought that was the best course of action…

And then she came out with this.

This is a good fit for Lopez’s vocal abilities.  While she has certainly improved as a singer since the If You Had My Love days, she still doesn’t have the most versatile voice.  She is perfectly suited for a song like this; something that needs a sassy delivery with energy and an understanding of how to ride a beat without laying down too many adlibs.  While I could imagine someone else singing this better, I can’t image someone else doing it as much justice.

Cardi B is a good fit for the track as well.  She has a lot of aggression, which is perfect for a track about chasing down the cash, but also some playfulness there, too.  Her verse is short and to the point, but she stays on subject and gives the track that last minute push to keep it from lagging or getting too repetitive on the outro choruses.

The mixture of trap and traditional Spanish rhythms for the production is a winner.  It is interesting how the two mesh so well and the mix of acoustic guitar with the hard-hitting bassline seems as natural as anything else we’ve heard on a pop/trap track.  The cool part is that, when the second verse hits, the more modern sounds drop out (with the exception of a few sound effects in the background) and we get a traditional Spanish guitar solo against Lopez’s trap delivery.  It should sound discordant, but she manages to make it work and the transition back to the full instrumentation puts the energy back where it needs to be.

The fact that the track is bilingual also gives it a nice flare and adds something that an entirely English track would not.  The lyrics are not particularly deep or complex and they don’t express something new, but adding a slightly different cultural spin to the words means that they stand out against others with similar themes.

It looks like we’ve found the track Lopez will be performing at the Billboard Awards this Sunday (May 20).  We look forward to her putting it down.

No word if this is a one-off or the precursor to an album currently in the works.