Did the folks at BigHit read our posts about Euphoria and DNA and tailor-make a teaser just for us?!

If you didn’t read our post about the previous teaser the group put out, let us some it up for you; we didn’t care for the song all that much.  It seemed to be lacking a lot of the flavor that we had come to love from BTS and, if it hadn’t been for Kookie’s vocals, we would have said to skip in entirely.

But this song, fam; this song…

Everything that we need to get excited about the next BTS drop has been put into this clip and we could not be more happy about it.  V’s vocals are the selling point, star, and backbone of this track.  His tone is lovely with his low tenor, almost baritone, whispered lines being backed up with some strength on emphasis in both the upper-register highlights and short runs.  The harmonies, while not present throughout, are a perfect balance for his solo performance and really add dimension to the song at just the right moments.  Against the backdrop of the bluesy, R&B production and sensuous bassline/melody combo, you can’t help but to be drawn in quickly to the mood of it all.

The biggest point of contention among listeners has been who is doing the soulful adlibs towards the end of the track.  While some are saying that it isn’t V, we would need to see some confirmation either way because the tonal quality is right for him, it’s just not his usual delivery style.  Nothing about him as a singer makes us think he’s not capable of offering that kind of soul to us, it just hasn’t happened until now.

The lyrics are that kind of BTS poetic that we have come to know as they have grown up in front of us.  They are not so cryptic that we can’t understand that the song is about longing, but we are left a little lost on what kind of longing it is.  The imagery used within is very much a part of Korean culture and will go over our heads as to whether it’s about being longing for expression, longing for the warmth of another, longing for freedom, or lust.  Of course…figuring that stuff out is half the fun of BTS songs.

As for the visual…wow.  This is a beautiful combination of dancing and artistic settings that does the song right.  We recognize the box set from the DNA video and (we think) the pool from Butterfly but the use is different and the framing is excellent.  This also, oddly enough, takes fans out of their comfort zone when it comes to V because he usually seen as the visual element of the group and less for his other talents.

We said when he started off DNA that we needed for V to get more opportunities to show off his vocals as his deeper tone is entrancing.  We have been doing a one-account Twitter beg for Taehyung to have a mixtape full of babymakers for us to enjoy.  It seems someone has heard us because this is combining everything we love about him as a singer into one beautiful R&B slow jam for us to enjoy.  We are thrilled he got his chance to shine this time around.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.