Oh snap…we didn’t know our favorite of Hoody’s most recent tracks got a visual, too!

We will admit to loving a good duet; the coming together of two voices to successfully strike an emotion and put the listener in their feels is something that has few comparisons.  Hoody already gave us a good one with Golden, but she really has the best with this because we have been playing this song out for the last few days.

The production of this song is very sexy and, if it weren’t for the translation and a few hints of English words here and there, we would have sworn this was a babymaker.  The thrumming bass mixed with the slow and deep melody mixes for something that begs for bodyrolls.  The overall impact between this and the vocals is that the beatwork ends up being just as integral to the enjoyment of the track as it has it’s own personality and it isn’t buried beneath the singers.

One thing about the vocals that we like about this is the separation of the vocals.  While this is not a new thing (we got it on Golden as well), there is a thematic reason for it here.  Portraying the separation of the two people singing by not having them combine their voices at any point drives that kind of isolation from someone you love home.  Both George and Hoody sound good, both coming with soft tones and gentleness as if to ease us into a difficult conversation.  The way that George plays with his range adds a nice effect and bottom to that sweetheart tone of Hoody’s and they meet on a level playing field in terms of delivery.

The lyrics are solid on this.  That feeling of not being able to understand why something that you thought was good has ended and not being to avoid your feelings or the memories is the hardest part of a breakup.  This song comes at it from good place and shows that both people had some hurt but that the one that pulled the trigger had a deeper reason than might be expected.

This is a winner.  It’s the kind of ballad that showcases the voices involved while also having an interesting beat and premise to engage the listener completely.  Let’s hope the success of this double-track single as a whole will mean that an album from this diva will be on the way soon because we are asking ourselves why and suffering, too.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.