Around the time our lives fell apart, we had just discovered an artist by the name of oceanfromtheblue and his new EP, Luv-Fi.  The sound of that project had a nice vibe to it and, considering that we were still in the middle of a cold snap, did a good job of reminding us of summer without completely seeming alien the season.  We had every intention of bringing that set back up when we saw this sitting in our SoundCloud stream yesterday…and haven’t stopped running it yet.

One thing about this that we really like is that, even while boasting 14 tracks, this project moves rather quickly.  There are few tracks that hit the three-and-a-half minute mark and some don’t even hit two minutes (more on those later).  This is a mostly-good way to handle this kind of project because it gives the listener a nice sampling of music production and different songs with the singer in their element without wearing out their welcome.  By the time you think you might be ready to move on to something else, the album is over and you change your mind to wanting to rewind.

And there are reasons to rewind.

First, the vocals of oceanfromtheblue are solid and really take you aback at just how strong they are at times.  He really leans into his falsetto at moments at it comes out as a solid note that just rings true in the ears.  Not that his normal tenor is bad by any means; he has solid control of his voice and understands his range well so that he works in his best ranges and gives some nice variation on tone and delivery style to keep the listener engaged.

The production is also really solid.  Just like with Luv-Fi, this is a project with a solid modern-R&B base to it, but manages to keep itself out of treading into wearying darkness of tone thanks to the beats being more upbeat with more bright melodic tones.  Pretty much everything here is mid-tempo, but there is always that hint of a groove in the track; whether he comes with a babymaker or just a danceable bop.  That decision really makes this perfect for the warmer weather and gives everything a feel-good air.

The biggest downside we see is that a couple of the really short tracks are good starters but don’t really reel it in.  This is one of those moments that it would have been better to excise the tracks because they sound incomplete or take the risk and flush them out.  There are some tracks that can do a short runtime and make it work because the listener wants more (see our post on Bridget Kelly or the original version of Rihanna’s Cake) or they end at just the right spot.  The shortened tracks on this do neither it’s a testament to the strength of the project that this is what makes them stand out instead of poor quality.

Our favorite tracks are Puberty (track six), Don’t, and Birthday Sex with an honorable mention to Loving You.  The most skippable tracks are We Are and Young because they end before they’ve really started.

Click the button below the player to download this project in its entirety along with special inserts courtesy of oceanfromtheblue himself.