It’s BTS season again and the ARMY are already losing their collective minds.

We knew that South Korea’s biggest musical export would be coming with the next part of their Love Yourself series and dropping a video.  We also were wondering if we would be into it considering they are now trying to market themselves to a slightly different audience.

From what we hear of the song (it’s broken up over a segment of the main video and the credits and seems to have a section missing), we aren’t particularly wowed.  The major ‘meh’ factor comes from the production and just how nondescript it comes across.  There are some nice elements, especially the whining flute that is winding its way through the chorus, and the soft pluck of the guitar on the verse, but it meets a lot of generic thanks the drums and basic melody.  If there is one thing that we have said about BTS it’s that, even when we didn’t care for it, they always had a flavor all their own in terms of sound.  A lot of us made the joke that, once they made their American debut, we would never see the rougher side of this group again.  No we’re hoping that we didn’t accidentally make a prediction.

Jungkook voice is lovely on the track and probably the saving grace of the whole thing.  If you’ve followed this group from the beginning, you can hear how his tone has matured and really come into manhood.  His sound is consistent as he traipses from his normal low tenor to the falsettos with ease…sometimes within the same line multiple times.  It appears he’s going to be the one to listen for this time around just as Jimin was for Her.

The visual is their usual brand of cryptic…but there are hints about what we should expect going forward.  With the exception of the white clothes, black hair, and lack of contacts (love it, BTW), the imagery looks very similar to what we got during TMBMIL era.  Segments of it look like the aftermath of the vignettes we saw there, so we can guess that this will (not likely) answer questions that hung around when they moved on to the Wings/YNWA era.

Sidenote: Dark-haired V is now our favorite thing in the world; fight us.

BigHit is usually pretty good about add the [CC] to the videos but, if they don’t, we’ll have translation for you as soon as possible.