DPR Live is back with a new set and, while it still has the same vibe as his previous release, this swings much more towards Laputa than it does Please…and it’s still dope.

It’s not unusual for rappers (good ones anyway) to have more than one speed when it comes to the type of music that they make.  There is the confident braggadocio that gets more mainstream play and then there is usually the more lovable, toned-down man that wears his heart on his sleeve for a minute to show you his vulnerability.  DPR Live manages to combine the two in an interesting way and doesn’t usually play to the extremes.  This set is indicative of that as we get his confident talk to a woman while also opening himself up to her so they can have something good together.

The production for these tracks is great.  They all have a mellow vibe to them but they also have a lot of thump, too.  In fact, as the songs progress both the beats and his flow escalate ever so slightly until you get a fun and energetic delivery by the time you hit Martini Blue.  The productions themselves have pretty instrumentation that reminded us a lot of a cross between Terrace Martin and Hiroshima at times, both of which have similar jazz foundations but we never considered to be similar enough to work as a fusion (this does, though).

Live’s flow brings life to all the tracks in a way that makes you really focus in on him.  The fact that every track has him bringing a change-up instead of resting on one style for such a short EP is good and keeps things moving.  It also aids with the energy as the slower pace of the tracks might initially turn some of the hypebeasts off.  We wish we had access to better translations to see how the flow offsets the wordplay, but the English sections do show some playfulness in his style while still coming with some straight lines to show sincerity.

It’s hard to find something to dislike about this; so hard that we couldn’t even decided on a skippable track because all of them are quality and work with each other so well.  This is worth a listen for fans of the rapper and newcomers alike.

Our favorite tracks are Text Me and Martini Blue.