With the repackage of his his album Move (entitled MOVE-ing) coming down the pike on December 10, Taemin is wasting no time in putting out the visual for the new title track and, as much as we love the sensual/sexual side of this man, it’s nice to see him in a kind of cooldown mode while still delivering something beautiful to the ears.

One of the things we love about Taemin as a singer is that he is able to balance out the whisper voice with the more powerful thrusts that he’s capable of.  One of our favorite tracks from Move, Stone Heart, demonstrates this well as he almost whispers the entirety of the chorus and while giving us more volume and stability on the verses.  Day And Night has a similar vibe to it, but the whispers and thrusts are more interwoven than ever before and it adds some texture to a track that could have easily stayed fairly mellow and cool throughout.

This track is not what we expected based on the sound of the rest of the set it will be joining.  This is definitely more of a jazz tune than anything else on the album.  The acoustic guitar that opens things up is swiftly joined by stand-up bass and almost imperceptible piano.  An ever-present violin rounds things off and gives it that Taemin touch that roots it in a kind of Asian aesthetic that a lot of his music has.

The odds that this will have a counterpart in a similar genre-style are likely considering how Taemin likes to bundle his tracks and we would love to hear the rest of what is coming.  It’s too bad we have to wait.

Sidenote:  We’ve always thought this but the facial and movement similarities between Taemin and BTS’ Jimin were uncanny.  It’s no wonder the two teamed up and worked so well together on Two Min.

We’ll have translations for you as soon as possible.