Live isn’t satisfied blowing us away with just one single; he’s trying to go back to back. 

This track has a very different vibe than Know Me. Both have the rapper speaking on his skills, but this one is coming for the neck of anyone who wants to step to the crew. The mood is much darker and the melody of the production lends itself to more variation in flow. 

We loving the features here, too.  We expected Dumbfoundead to come with the heat, but Kim Hyo Eun introduces himself to us with flare and G2 gives the primary artist a solid run for his money.  Each brings his own flavor and interprets the beat differently so each has a unique flow. 

We’re very interested to get and album or EP from Live now.  This is the third track where he blew us away and we want more. 

We’ll bring a translation as soon as possible.