Live (or DPR Live, as we are seeing on some of the videos) has been dropping a lot of fire in the past couple of weeks, so we should have known a longer project was in the works.  The best part is that, none of it disappoints and we now want a full album.

Don’t be deceived by the number of features on this set; Live makes himself known and stands out.  There are really only two tracks where the rapper isn’t in control for the mass majority of the track and that’s Please and Right Here Right Now; the rest are either completely solo or feature a singer for the hook and outro bridges.  His bars a solid and quite the mix of English and Korean, making it really easy for a person of either language to get the gist of the majority of songs without having to look up translations.

The productions are great.  There is an R&B element to many of the tracks, but they all have a hardness to them.  Some of that has to do with Live’s flow, but a lot of it is the underlying rhythms that make themselves heard through every moment you listen.  You don’t really realize how atypical the sound of many of the tracks are until you get to Please, which falls much more in line with what you would expect from someone who doesn’t really fall into the pop-rap spectrum.  This has the added benefit of making this extremely accessible to a wide audience; it’s not so mellow that it turns of the rapheads, but not so hard that the pop fans go screaming for cover.

Our favorite tracks are Laputa, Please and Right Here Right Now.  The most skippable track is Interlude because lacks impact.

There are still no buy links for non-Korean music sights, so all you can do is stream right now.  Hopefully this will change in the near future and, when it does, we will make the link available.