Last time we heard from Kameron Corvet was back in January when he charmed us with the sensual N-U and announced that his album would be out sometime in the spring.  When spring came and went, we thought that Early Riser had met the same fate as Due Process and he was only going to release the Japanese album Inside Out.

Luckily for us the singer runs on his own schedule and released this when he–and–it were damned good and ready…which is great because this is solid piece of art.  Unfortunately N-U doesn’t seem to have made the cut, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to fall in love with on this set.

Corvet’s vocals shine on this set in a way that is charming and mesmerizing.  Every note that he sings is emotional and everything sounds purposeful.  There is never a moment when his vocals seem to sag in comparison to other tracks and his tone, despite the depth of it, has a clean and refreshing sound.  When it comes to his falsetto, he can absolutely give lessons.  The notes and the transitions are clear and bear no hint of strain.  For a man with such a strong baritone to be able to not only ascend the scale so flawlessly but jump it on several occasions is a testament to his skill as a performer.  But the best part of it is that he doesn’t lean on it too much so that it becomes annoying or starts sounding like the songs were written for someone with a higher vocal register.

The production choices are pretty interesting and set this album apart from a lot of its contemporaries.  With his guitar-playing abilities and a love for the genre, Corvet has always had elements of rock in his music.  That element is far more prominent this time around as several of the tracks have a very nice acoustic rock vibe.  You would think that this would be an odd jump from the more R&B-sounding tracks, but the transition is easy and the similar instrumentation of the songs keeps things well joined.

The lyrics are solid as well.  We are not detecting a story here as much as the theme of love taken and missed out on.  There does seem to be a progression in the way that the tracks are sequenced, starting out with Corvet warning that he isn’t boyfriend material and winding our way through a possible relationship ending in regrets and rationalizations.  It’s an interesting journey from the perspective of someone who might not see love as a realistic option for themselves while still feeling that they are not necessarily better off for not having it.

Our favorite tracks are Throw The Rest Away, C’est Comme Ca (It’s Like That), and Heaven.  The most skippable track is Be Ready because it just seems to go on for a little too long.

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