#EveryDay6 August is here and we are getting a new flavor of sound from the group as they transition from the more smooth foundations that made up the bulk of tracks on Sunrise.

If we had to categorize the kind of rock that this track seems to hover in, it would have to be the kind of upbeat late sixties, early seventies rock that was born of the hippie era…at least in underlying tone.  The harder rock elements are toned way down and the there is lot more upper register, piano synthesizer in the melody than in the previous album.  It help keep things fresh, especially since this is the eighth single the group has released this year, but doesn’t put them in a place that doesn’t sound like it reflects the kinds of artists they seem to be.

The vocals here are good.  While there is less harmony than on Hi Hello, the more complex production makes up for that.  What we get are some excellently focused solos that bounce back and forth between our main leads that allows them to play off of each other and bring their particular style of vocals in at the best moment.  As always, the tone is heartfelt and the energy is an excellent match for the track overall.

Day6 has really upped its profile with their releases this year but, more importantly, they have managed to show the music world that they are here and are sorry to have kept us waiting.  They will never be slept on like they were for their first two EPs again.

Sidenote: 2:49…Yes, Jae!

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