Is this our last #EveryDay6?

We are now in June and the group has gathered all of their previous singles (which all had two songs apiece despite there being only one video each month) along with new version of lead singles from their two EPs into a single album and we are loving every second of it

We were right about the track cohesion of this album.  Songs like I Wait and How Can I Say follow each other in the sequence while I’m Serious and Dance Dance are also tightly grouped.  Listening to all the releases one after another, you pick up on the subtle instrumental cohesion and how some sounds that are in the background of some songs are brought the forefront of others, making for songs that don’t sound the same but still match in terms of theme and flow.  The sound is overwhelming rock, despite there being other style elements at play on almost every track, and it works so well.  Nothing is one-note; there are differing moods and tempos, making this an easy listen.

The vocals in the set are absolutely great.  If you take a listen to Congratulations (which they recorded new instrumentation for but do not seem to have rearranged the vocals), you can hear how far this group has come in terms of their abilities.  Congratulations is still one of our favorite tracks by them, but you can hear more vocal control and better harmonization on later tracks; even the other redux, Letting Go.  They seem to have found a formula for solos that works for them and brings out the best of each section of a song, whether it being allowing Jae to give us the softness, Young K to bring some bravado, or Won Pil to bring up the middle with the range and solid adlibs.  You could be just as happy listening to an a cappella version of most the tracks as you would an instrumental.

The lyrics for the songs are also solid.  While there are a few places where we lose the line because we’re missing some cultural context, nothing is lost forever and you can easily pick up the meaning of something by continuing to listen (or read).  There seems like there is a story of loss going on throughout all the tracks, but Day6 is somewhat known for their torch songs, even if the style they choose to perform them in is somewhat unconventional.  Luckily, not everything is pain and sadness as there are happy songs that, even when talking about the end of a relationship, still celebrate the beauty of their time with someone or speak on the happy feeling of love that they share.

This is just a good album.  If you’ve been sleeping on Day6, it’s time to wake up and this project is just the jolt you’ll need to open your eyes.

Our favorite tracks are Man In A Movie, I Wait, How Can I Say, and I Would.  The most skippable track is Wow for the fact that they it’s an outlier in terms of the overall sound cohesion of the rest of the album.

Sidenote: When the group put out their schedule earlier this year, they had a day at the beginning of every month set aside for the release of new material.  We’ll have to wait until next month to see if this might be a double album year or if plans have changed.  The possibility of another album of this quality coming down the pipe has us excited…but we’re not holding our breath.