It’s Taeyang’s turn to drop a solo EP while BIGBANG is on hiatus and, we have to say, this is the side of him that we love the best.

Giving us a simple visual for voice and (some) dancing to show the direction this new project, White Night, is going to be taking, we get that part of Taeyang that had its roots in R&B and got some of its color from Omarion.  Vocally, it’s between him and Daesung for who has the best outright singing voice in the group, but Taeyang has always had a better grasp (in Western term, at least) of production and performative flair.  This short track has that in spades and us begging for more.

White Night is expected to drop at 6PM on August 16 in Korea.  That likely means we’ll have it sometime Tuesday.

Sidenote: We are loving the new hair.