We wondered, last month when they dropped their album Sunrise, would that be the last Every Day6 of new music we would get this year.  It appears that our hope for another album is going to come true because we have a new video and the start of a new saga.

Hi Hello differs from the previous releases in this series in two important ways.  First, the group has switched up the underlying sound that united the majority of tracks on the previous album; that hologram/futuristic sound that started off I Wait.  The second difference is that this song is about the introduction of new love instead of the ending of an old or current one.  There were a lot of happy-sounding songs on Sunrise, but digging into the lyrics found a lot of them to be torch songs with varied backgrounds.  Considering that a lot of Day6’s discography is about the loss of love, this is a nice switch.

What’s not different are the vocals and the production quality.  Day6 has always been that group that can sneak in a rich harmony bar into a song and just knock you off your feet.  There is a lot of that in the track, but it stands out the most at 3:15 when they go a cappella and just show out.  It’s subtle but lovely against the subdued and somewhat country/rock production that has an oddly summer feel despite the slower pace.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.