Goapele is really ramping up to the release of her new EP, having dropped three tracks of its non-interlude tracks in less than a month.  While Power was very much on-style for the songstress in terms of topic and production and $ecret had her stepping up for some sensual lovemaking demands, this track has her proclaiming love in a way that we all want to hear it said.

The nature of this duet seems a little off at first, as it seems the two singers don’t really share any musical space together for the first verse.  That separation makes a little more sense as you listen to the lyrics about a person who has a hard time admitting their emotions opening up for the first time and asking the person they love to be with them forever.  Then it starts to sound like a conversation, with Goapele providing the opener and things developing from the first chorus on.  It’s an interesting take on the track and ends up working very well as the emotion builds as the song proceeds.

The vocals of these two singers aren’t two that you might immediately think would work together; The Chicago Kid has a soulful but still street voice and Goapele has that gentleness with an underlying power.  But the two mesh very well from harmonies to adlibs and they each incorporate elements of the other’s style as they sing, playing to theme and making the song feel like a union.

Dreamseeker comes out Friday (May 19).