Ledisi is a treasure when it comes to both songwriting and vocal talents.  She has the ability to take you through it or send you to heaven with how she sings and arranges her tracks.  So it makes sense that she might just have someone in her life that makes her feel the same way.

Her new track is a soaring, mid-tempo, feel good jam about how the love of that special someone can make the world and all of its ills slide away beneath you.  Her lead vocals are , of course, soulful but they have this oddly healing quality to them.  There is something cleansing about the way she delivers on this; it’s full of lovely adlibs and full-voiced tones, but it feels sweet and humble at the same time.  That’s a hard dichotomy to accomplish, especially when the background harmonies are just as lush and full as the lead vocals.

The production of the tracks is somewhat simple, but not simplistic as it has elements that come in and drop out at just the right moments.  Perhaps “simple” is the wrong term; it’s scaled back to let Ledisi shine.  It’s interesting and provides a lot of the bounce for the mood of the track.

Of course, a secondary reading of this track could also be seen as an ode to fans as she proclaims how good if feels to be back again.  She has seen a lot of love from her fans and the larger industry over the last year and that has to make her feel good about the decisions she’s made in her career to this point.  Plus she’s touring with Maxwell this summer, so you can see this being performed on the road as an appreciation.

This is the first single from the singer’s as-of-yet-unnamed, forthcoming album.

You can see the lyrics by clicking the [CC] button in the player.