Possibly inspired by the songstress’ new daughter (she tweeted about this song in that context a few days ago), Goapele sings about the power of unconditional love and powerful it can make you feel to receive it and give it in return.

We are very used to the soulful side of Goapele, and this song does fall into that category, but the production on this track with its African rhythms, sizzling bassline, and tinkling, sweetheart melody are different for her.  It shows the power in her voice that she is able to easily compete with the bombastic sound seeing as we equate her with a more gentle vocal style.  It is part African dance, part lullaby and it works wonderfully well.

The lyrics are poetic in style but not so obfuscated by the construction that the listener gets lost in the possibilities of meaning.  The lines are a good mixture of simple meaning with powerful imagery; a great way to describe looking into the eyes of a child and seeing all the possibilities that lay ahead of them.

The star of the show is Goapele’s voice.  The deeper, soothing tone of her voice is a beautiful offset to the primal sound of the beat.  She sometimes threatens to sink below the beat in terms of volume but never does.  That fact that her melody is an offset to the melody of the production and doesn’t feel like its competing with it is also well done as this could have easily sounded like chaos and she could have come off as offkey because of it.

We would love to hear more like this from Goapele in the future.