Come for our coins, Goapele!

Goapele has never shied away from her sexuality; she just tends to give it to you at different speeds.  This time she is bringing it to us with a coy, slow boil as she, with a nod to the late, great Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody? (the lines I can let you know, I hope you’re responsible?, and say yes or say no), is ready to share her freaky secret with the object of her affection.

The vocals on this are strength and sex appeal of the track.  The tone is not all that different than what she gave us on Power, but the delivery works well for the song.  It’s sexy and confident, which is perfect for a song that doesn’t have her begging for love as much offering it to someone who she wants and is willing to meet the conditions she lays out.  The biggest separation is that some notes that would come across harder in a more straightforward get a little more breathy to dial back the power and keep things flowing with the mood.

The production is amazingly lowkey considering what’s going on in it.  There is a rolling snare, a mid-tempo bassline, and a slow, almost eerie overarching melody.  You wouldn’t think these things would go together well, but Goapele’s vocals helps join them and, even on their own, they coalesce into a nice sound (even though it comes across as darker without the vocalist).  The lyrics are poetic without being obtuse.  Straight to the point enough for a babymaker, not so cliché that you tune out and never actually listen to the words.  It’s good balance and one that can give the song some longevity.

Her new EP, Dreamseeker, will be out May 19 and is the first album we can ever recall by the singer getting an parental advisory sticker.