It’s official; I’m seeing more of BIGBANG now than when they were together as a group.

As Daesung and G-Dragon mount their solo tours, Taeyang is getting some of that endorsement money by providing a new song for Lexus Korea.   The EDM/disco-pop track has the singer telling his new lady about all the emotions she gives him and how he can’t possibly give that up.  Taeyang gives some nice vocals, although the tenor register sound from him can get a little nasal from time to time.  It doesn’t ruin the song at all, though, and his enthusiasm for the material helps wipe a lot of that possible annoyance away.

Unlike with Flower Power, the track has it’s own vibe and doesn’t really promote the product outside the visual except in a very vague sense.  It stands on its own very well and we really want a flushed out version of this.

Sidenote: I kind of miss the days when singers in America did unique tracks for commercial campaigns.

The subtitles are a part of the video; no need to click anything to see them.