Every time we think that we’re done with Eric Bellinger, he brings some heat!

As we’ve said before, how many of Bellinger’s projects sound similar probably has a lot to do with his high output; since 2015 he’s dropped seven distinct projects and dozens of loosie tracks and features.  When we gave us Eric B For President: Term 1 (Acoustic) and the changes we expected weren’t there, we thought we might have step away for a while and check back in six months to see where things stood.

And then he decided to switch it up.

Going for more of an island flavor this time around (as evidenced by this track and the previous single, Treat Yourself), he gives us what we have been wanting him to do more of since the release of Eventually; natural tones.  He’s been leaning heavily into trap with his music for the past couple of years, so having him comes with more melody for his vocals and less hip-hop in his production is a welcomed change.  The lack of autotune on his voice is also a welcomed change.  Bellinger’s vocals are not bad by any means and he has significantly improved as a singer since his first mixtape.  Actually getting to enjoy that growth without so much of an electronic filter is much appreciated.

The one thing that hasn’t changed, thankfully, is his writing game.  Talking about that moment when you see someone that takes your breath away from across the room (in the club or wherever), he still manages to balance respect for the woman he’s talking to with game.  There’s nothing wrong with talking about a one-hitter; you just have to do it the right way.  He gives the romantic angle teamed with sexual prowess angle and does it all pretty subtly, some much so that the thought he was just talking about doing their thing on the dancefloor the first listen through.

We cannot wait for more of this and, luckily, we won’t have to.

This is the second single from Bellinger’s upcoming EP,  Eric B For President: Term 2, which comes out March 10 (Friday).  Click the shopping cart in the player to preorder.