We can’t be the only ones who saw the title and expected an En Vogue sample…

Tori Kelly is one of those singers that start belting out the alphabet and get standing ovation.  So we much appreciate the fact that she didn’t sleepwalk through this track for the animated movie Sing.

About being comfortable in your own skin and confident enough to know when you need to change and when to keep the pace, this song is very feel good.  The production of the track is a nice cross-section of jazz and Flamenco elements (an excellent fit considering her background).  Kelly lets you have it with every second of her performance, giving full voice without oversinging.  Because brass can sometimes be too much with a voice like hers, she could have easily overpowered this track.  Instead she found an excellent middle ground by taking the bulk of her tone an octave lower than the horns and using those big adlibs in moments when the piano and drums are dominate.

The only downside of the song is that is very full of clichés, sometimes to the point that it loses its thread of theme.  Because of that, it can be very hard to focus in on what the singer is actually saying, but Kelly’s vocals will drag you back.  You may not remember any of the words when the song is done, but you will want to replay it just to listen to that performance again.

You can see the lyrics by clicking the [CC] button in the player.