Despite a few criticisms, we really enjoyed Eric B For President: Term 1.  It is an homage to love and fidelity and works as a brief follow-up and expansion on Eventually and is some addictive ear candy at the right moments.  That’s why we were so excited to find out that Bellinger was going to do an acoustic version of the EP.  If there is one thing that we were anticipating, it was a new take to the previously released songs.  Hearing him vocalize things in a different way and giving the tracks a different perspective because of it could blow listener’s minds and let people know a different side of him.

That isn’t what we got though.

There are no new vocals on this set.  It is simply new production with the same vocal overlays as before.  And while none of it sounds bad, it’s not necessarily good.  The weird juxtaposition is most obvious on tracks like Snappin’ And Trappin’, but even a song like Drive By, which could have worked effortlessly with the new instrumentation, is somewhat ruined by the trap adlibs in the background.

It’s worth a listen or two, but I don’t know if it’s a buy for most people; it’s essential just a remix EP.