It’s been less than two months since Eric Bellinger released an EP for his fans, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, there was no way he was going to let the romantic holiday pass without making his presence felt.

On his new nine-track freelease, the singer speaks on different aspects of male/female interaction, from sliding in the DMs to working on something meant to last.  The title comes from the thought that everyone finds love eventually and that it’s a matter of being patient.  Coming from a man who has created a nice family for himself in the past few years, it’s something to take to heart.

Vocally, this project will please a lot of Bellinger’s fans from the early days of his career as he dials back on the autotune and lets the his natural tones, which has improved with time, shine through more often.  The production on the songs also focus less on the trap beats (although they are there) in favor of more elaborate R&B productions.  The lyrics exactly what you expect them to be for songs like these, but his different vocal deliveries and sexy beats help to elevate the material.  The runtime for the entire set is surprisingly short, so you never get a chance to get bored.

Our favorite tracks are Notice and Mean What You Say due to the production and the lack of autotune.  Can’t Hurry Love follows closely behind for the lyrical content.

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