Damnit, Jay Park; we have lives!  Don’t make them all about you!

We are still loving Jay Park’s Everything You Wanted and, apparently, he wants us to keep that love going because he is releasing video after video for the featured tracks.  (Can we get a video for Feature, though?)

The first video features 1Million Dance Studio and is the Korean version of All I Wanna Do that features the lovely Hoody and Loco.  We love the vocal touches that are this version of the song and we love 1Million, so this was just pure heaven to us.  The only thing we needed was a little more Hyojin Choi (chick with the short hair in all black at 2:53).

The second video is the Korean version of Me Like Yuh and it’s exclusively the dance version.  Set at the top of those stairs, this gives the totality of what we missed as we watched Park get it in with his lady in the English version.

The last video made us change our minds just a little about the song that’s in it.  When we reviewed Stay With Me, we weren’t feeling what Park was giving us as much as we normally do.  But there is something about seeing him perform it and his charisma with just him on a stage with a mic in front of him that sells it.  The overall criticisms still stand (with the exception of the slightly revamped instrumental by Workmanship), but we could watch this video all day.