In case we need to say it again, we loved Solange’s A Seat At The Table.  She had already impressed us with the depth and beauty of this album, so all that was left to see was whether or not she could make the live performances come off as well as the recorded ones.  Saturday Night Live gave her the opportunity and it went fairly well.

The biggest thing about the performance is that it lacked some volume, but some of that could have been an issue with the setup in the studio.  Her tone was pretty consistant, especially on Cranes In The Sky, and she is pretty entrancing just standing in front of a mic and singing.  We’re interested to see what she does when she tours.

Please Note: There is a little trouble with the playback for Cranes In The Sky; sometimes it plays, sometimes it doesn’t.  If you’re having trouble, just click on the title and head over to YouTube to view it there.