Apparently Jay Park was at the top of those stairs in Hotline Bling.

Jay Park is out here grinding with the promotion for his new album, Everything You Wanted and the next step is to release a video for the English version of island-sounding Me Like Yuh.  The happy bop about wanting to spend the night with the person that you are absolutely crazy about is pretty straightforward, but songs like this just work for Park.  His vocals have lots of energy and, despite him being in the upper tenor range, his never sounds young or not confidence about what he’s saying.  Park almost always manages to sell a song.  Cha Cha Malone’s production wizardry makes the song utterly danceable while still having a romantic edge to it.

We only wish that the English version of the track featured Hoody like the Korean version did, but that probably wouldn’t have been a good fit for the video we emded up getting so…c’est la vie.

Everything You Wanted is available for purchase now.  You can try before you buy by streaming it here.