Mamamoo continues to wow as they make themselves a force to be reckoned with when they sing.

Vocally, this album is probably their best.  The ladies show out on complex and rich harmonies and put everything into the leads.  If every track on this EP were acapella, no one would notice and we would probably love it more.

The production on this album is a bit more of a mixed bag.  While songs sound good individually, there is just too much variation in sound from track to track to make this project feel cohesive.  The album starts out with a slow, Christmas-y track before bouncing into Décalcomanie and then on to the slightly more modern New York.  The different decades of the tracks may have been meant to sound like a musical time machine, but it just feels scattered.

Lyrically (from what we can tell), the EP is fairly solid and the each song does tell a story that lends itself the title of the project.  You get the feeling of four women reminiscing about experience together and separately that have shaped who they are.  The only odd track out is Woo Hoo, which we featured here as a video and was used as a commercial.

Our favorite tracks are Moderato and I Won’t Let Go.  The most skippable track is Draw & Draw & Draw.