Ailee is back and ready to let her vocals do the heavy lifting.

On a track that takes on a little bit of a country feel, Ailee pines for the man that she has lost and the love they used to share.  In comparison to her last foray into music, this one is not so much sassy as it is emotional and it works a lot better for her.  Many people may find ballad boring, but it’s fair to say that songs like this and Insane seem to suit her a lot better than many of her attempts at faster, non-throwbacks.  Her vocals are great on this; strong and emotional and offering up enough of the adlibs to keep things interesting.  The downside is that this is a little forgettable due to the lyrics and somewhat generic production, but I have a feeling it will have more chart staying power than Johnny did.

It is interesting to note that the title, If You, doesn’t work in the lyrics as presented (the “you” doesn’t make sense in the sentence structure).  The reason we note this is because Ailee is American born and a lot of her songs have this problem where a lot of Korean born singers do not.

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