You may not know much about ELO (he’s only had two singles), but you might want to get acquainted and ready as he prepares to drop his first EP through AOMG.

The lead single is the entrancing Tattoo, which has the singer teaming up with Jay Park for one of the better K-R&B tracks to drop this year.  Aided by a haunting Cha Cha production that layers softer melodies over a stuttering snare, the two traipse up and down the scales for a sound that begins to soar as it hits the chorus.  While Park gives his all and does a good job, there is a reason that ELO is heading the show as his vocals are top notch and add extra sensuousness to a song that is about leaving your mark on your lover.

Lyrically, this song has a two-fold approach.  The first is get across the sexiness and it does that well.  But the second tier is to be somewhat poetic, a rarity for more modern tracks like this, and it accomplishes that well.  The fact that they are not explicit with their imagery is a plus and really works to give a the song a “maybe it’s more about the emotion” feel that gives it more of a range.

The EP, Eight Femmes, is expected to in two days (August 25 for America; August 26 for Korea) and appears to be a buffet of different sounds meant to represent different women, so don’t expect every song to sound like this.

pop!gasa is tattooed on our soul…


I’m gonna thickly engrave your red lips into my skin
So it can’t be erased
You don’t need to be concerned about other people’s eyes
I wanna put you in me, no matter what anyone says
Your color is so thick
It can even cover up my scars
Your redness is piercing through me

like a tattoo
like a tattoo

All night baby
I wanna touch your skin baby
I wanna leave myself in your head forever
I left my mark on your body
Deeper than it seems
Thicker than black ink
I don’t know if you kissed a lot before but
Baby girl, my lips are so different
I’m sure you’ll get addicted
if u feeling sexy say
Your redness is piercing through me

like a tattoo
like a tattoo

Maybe we might regret
But slowly come into me

Your redness is piercing through me

like a tattoo
like a tattoo