Joe is one of those singers that you somewhat forget about until you hear him again.  It’s not that he makes forgettable music; he has been dropping solid albums since 1993.  It’s that he tends not to be involved in all the extra aspects of current music acts that would keep people focused on things besides his output.  Of course, that means when he does release something, we tend to pay more attention.  And we are with So I Can Have You Back.

The song is a little less R&B than what we expect from Joe, with his production and vocals going more the staid, Adele route than normal.  We have to say that even the subject matter of the track, wanting the one you let get away’s current relationship to fail so that you can have another chance with them, seems like something that Adele would sing.  His vocals still manage to be soulful though, and he pulls the emotion right out of you from the time the chorus drops.

A large part of that emotional resonance has to do with the lyrics, which are simple and honest, portraying something that almost everyone who has lived long enough to have regrets in love can relate to.

It may not be his regular faire, but he pulls it off just fine and is worth a buy for that reason alone.

This is the first single from the singer’s upcoming album due out November 11.  The album is supposedly entitled My Name Is Joe, but that may not be true since that was the name of the singer’s 2000 release that featured Stutter and I Wanna Know.