The first single from Ailee’s new album, Vivid, is a lot like the first singles from her previous releases; heavy on the horns with a bit of an old-school feel and the songstress showing off her pipes.  While there are some stronger modern pop elements this times around (likely due to the bad chart performance of the entirely throwback Johnny just a few months ago), it’s what we’ve come to expect from her.  While that means that the song is entirely listenable and a vocal treat, it may feel to a lot of people that they’ve hear the track before.

Also dragging the song down some is the lyrics which, to be honest, don’t make a lot of sense once the title of the song is thrown in.  The track seems to be about two people who are fighting so much that it’s causing them to drift apart, but Ailee then tells the guy to mind his own business before she decides to leave him.  Maybe we missed something, but…mind his own business about what?  It’s never made clear the reason why they’re fighting (although you get the feeling that he might be cheating), but why would that cause her to tell him to mind his business.  Unless they were going for the literal meaning of the cliché and she’s telling him to mind their relationship before it falls apart, it feels like that line was only thrown in because it sounds sassy.

The video is probably the best thing about this release as the storyline is clear and the video is cute and funny without going overboard on the bright, poppy color scheme that has dominated a lot of female, kpop videos in the last six months.

Side Note:  At the end, did Ailee kick that guy in the knee or did she aim higher?

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